Privacy Policy for Junk Cars for Cash Youngstown

Thank you for visiting our Privacy Page. It’s not the most glamorous but it will give you a great idea for how Junk Cars for Cash Youngstown treats your data. We strive to provide you with the most protection while still delivering the best experience we can.

Please note that the information we collect is for internal purposes only, unless specifically stated on a form or contact sheet and you give us specific permission to share your data. We do work with some partners and share information from time to time, but that only occurs when our users agree. Your data will never be sold or otherwise shared.

Contact Junk Cars for Cash Youngstown at any time to see what we are doing with your specific information and change your acceptance of previous sharing agreements.


Most of the information Junk Cars for Cash Youngstown collects will come directly from you, such as name, age, locating information and personal preferences. We may also use cookies to track session information or place them on your machine to help you save settings and preferences.

Personal details are used to manage our experience and deliver service and support, such as assisting in the creation or maintenance of an account. Cookies may assist in this and help us to personalize accounts or page contents. Data from cookies is anonymized when passed to our servers to limit the amount of personal information we collect and analyze.


You deserve to maintain control over your data, even when you share it with us. This means that we respect any decision not to share your information.

Each time you fill out a form, send an email, or provide us with information, you have control over who sees it and how it is used. Opt-in boxes are required for all data that we potentially share, and opt-out is as simply as changing your personal account settings or contacting us directly.

If you have previously opted in to a sharing scenario but wish to change your preferences, you can do so at any time. This also includes unsubscribing to lists and other methods. Our goal is to make these processes simple so you have as enjoyable an experience as possible.


Junk Cars for Cash Youngstown reserves the right to make any changes to this policy as needed. We hope to use it to provide you with the utmost in protection and quality services. Please check back regularly as it is not always possible to contact our customers directly when a policy changes.

By using our service and website, you’re agreeing to the policies listed here and elsewhere on our site.